Camera Blues

6 Jan

I swear, I do have a digital camera — I’m just missing the cord that connects the thing to my computer. So for now, I will have to rely on stock photos. Silly stuff.

I switched to a vegetarian diet a few months ago and since then I’ve been having problems with extreme hunger. No matter how much I eat, or how much protein and water I take in, I get hungry less than an hour later! I’m going to see my family doctor tomorrow to see if my blood work checks out alright, but until then I’m going to try to eat 5-6 small meals a day instead of my usual 3 large meals + snack to see if that makes me feel any better.

First Breakfast:

This was my first time trying one of these Kashi Rolls– the ingredient list is wayyyy too long for my liking, but it does pack 12g of protein and enough carbohydrates to sustain me during my workout. The taste is a little odd, like most protein bars, but it’s very chewy and took me forever to eat (which I LOVE). I would definitely recommend drinking it with a full bottle of water– it leaves kind of a sawdust-like aftertaste.

During breakfast, I watched the newest episode of MTV’s show “I Used to Be Fat”. I’ve always had an odd fascination with people who are going through weight-loss and exercise programs and this show is no exception. The girl on this show was sweet, but kind of frustrating — she would burst into tears EVERY time they showed her working out. I kind of rolled my eyes until I remembered what it was like to try and do jumping jacks when I was 200 pounds — maybe she was being a little ridiculous, but trust me when I say it’s hard to walk to class with that much extra weight on you, let alone do the bootcamp style workouts she was doing.

After breakfast, I jumped right into today’s workout — my first official day of p90x! I tried out all of the workouts last week, just to make sure I had all the proper equipment and knew what I was getting into. I’m doing the Lean program, which emphasizes Cardio, Core Strength and Yoga over the Plyo and Strength Training of the Classic program.

Day One: Core Synergistics

This is by far my favorite workout. It mixes bits and pieces together to give you a full body workout that also gets your heart-rate up! I’m not going to lie, I can barely do ONE push up, so some of the crazy stunts they pull are so far out of my league it’s not even funny. If it’s too much for me, I generally switch to modified push-ups halfway through. By the end of the workout, I still feel energized but my core muscles are definitely trembling a little bit.

I’m off to eat Second Breakfast (I feel like a Hobbit from the Lord of the Rings), grab lunch with my lab members and head to work at the library! Thanks for reading 🙂








6 Jan

I’ve been reading food and fitness blogs for almost a year and they’ve completely changed my outlook on healthy eating and exercise. These amazing women have introduced me to so many wonderful foods, challenging workouts and interesting philosophies. Yet most importantly, I’ve learned that healthy eating and exercise isn’t about swearing off chocolate for life or regarding pizza as an enemy; it’s about balance and sustainability. Life is too short to completely deny yourself cookies, but you need to remember to feed your body what it needs, not just what it wants.

So the theme of my blog for 2011 will be “Try”, inspired by this post by the amazing Rachel Wilkerson.


Writing this blog!

Running a 5k

Finishing the p90x 90-day workout

Prepare myself to take the MCAT in May (!)