I’m a junior in college who’s struggled with my exercise and eating habits for a long time. I was overweight throughout my childhood, and although my parents did they could to encourage me to embrace a healthy lifestyle, it wasn’t until my teens that I began wanting to loose weight for myself; to boost my self image, to fit into the clothes I wanted to and most importantly, to avoid serious health conditions like Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Over the past four years, I’ve been able to loose over 80 pounds!

I’m currently getting my Bachelor’s (in Molecular and Cell Biology) and my Master’s (in Cellular and Developmental Biology) with the hopes of getting accepted into a MD/PhD program next year. I’m taking high level classes, participating in two research projects, working part-time and trying to prepare for the MCAT this May! Needless to say, things get a little hectic sometimes.

But I realize that in order to feel good and enjoy life, I need to make health & fitness a priority regardless of my busy schedule. Now that I’ve met my weight loss goals, I’m trying to embrace natural, wholesome foods and finally tackle the one exercise beast I’ve never been able to beat: strength training!


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