A New Experiment

16 Feb

For the past month or so, I’ve been so fixated on everything I CAN’T do.

Every few days I try to start fresh, try to start doing everything perfectly…

but that always fails. No matter how many times you hear the old addage, “nobody’s perfect,” sometimes it’s hard to remember that when you see everyone else around you suceeding at keeping everything together while inside, you’re struggling.

So instead of trying to do everything and be everything, I’m going to try to do only two things:

1. Take care of my responsibilities (when I don’t do this, I feel guilty, which makes me less likely to do what I need to do — vicious cycle)


2. Do things I love and/or start finding enjoyment in everyday things. Life can be wonderful for the smallest of reasons, but if you aren’t open to recognizing it, then it has the tendency to pass you right by.

Hopefully it works! I’ll try to post more often, but things are getting really hectic as the first round of midterm exams close in. Wish me luck!


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