Filling Up

6 Jan

I work in the afternoons and lately I’ve been getting so hungry during my work shift that I can’t think about anything else! Instead of my usual carbohydrate/protein mix for lunch, today I thought I would try a huge serving of vegetables to see if that makes a difference. Lucky for me, after a bit of searching, I came across Tina’s post about this awesome Cooking Light recipe for Honey Roasted Root Vegetables. Now, I will eat honey on just about everything…

Photo Cred: The Daily Green

But I have to admit, I wasn’t sold on the parsnip. In fact, I had to Google parsnip before I went to the store. I was expecting a vaguely round vegetable of generous proportions, but much to my surprise discovered that a parsnip appears to be nothing more than an anemic carrot.

Credit: The Daily Gardener

I included everything except the turnip — I know from experience that my kitchen knives are far too dull to cut through one of those bad boys. I seriously recommend giving this recipe a whirl; it tastes more like a savoury dessert than vegetables! It’s probably a blessing in disguise that my camera is out of commission, because mine didn’t come out looking nearly as good as hers do! Despite a few charred edges here and there, they tasted wonderful.

While I prepared the veg, I munched on second breakfast: a cup of dry quaker oat squares (milk and I are not friends) and some honeydew melon. I had just enough time to shower, change and yank everything out of the oven in time for work. I also packed a sliced green pepper and the world’s greatest hummus:

Photo Credit: Chicago Examiner Online

My favorite white bean hummus flavor is the basil, which tastes EXACTLY like pesto. Now, as an Italian girl, my greatest dream has always been to dip everything I can into a jar of pesto, but I’ve been told this would be slightly unhealthy. This amazing hummus is the next best thing!



One Response to “Filling Up”

  1. Stacy @ Every Little Thing January 6, 2011 at 6:33 pm #

    Glad the veggies turned out well! And I would love any hummus that tastes like pesto! yum

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